Helped me in surviving the most vulnerable time of my life.

You are invaluable to me and have helped me in surviving the most vulnerable time of my life. You have been holding space of compassion and tenderness, like no other. You listened with extreme sensitivity to my bottomless needs, and addressed them with your remarkable understandings. You are a treasured, beloved and gifted healer, to whom I thank beyond words.

– Maria

Jennifer has a true gift.

Her intuitiveness, sense of presence and clear passion for what she is doing is evident in every moment. She has a gentle and welcoming manner that soothes and calms, giving a sense of inner peace almost immediately. At the same time, her knowledge of the mind/body/soul is vast and she has a special ability to connect with your whole being. The sense of calm and wholeness continues well beyond a visit. My sessions with Jennifer have greatly eased feelings of generalized anxiety and increased my self-acceptance.

– Kim

Thankful for distance sessions.

I have been very lucky to have been able to work with Jennifer locally at her Missoula location enjoying her professional and inviting energy. But as I live in Portland, OR, seeing her in her office is not a possibility most of the time and I have found her remote sessions to be amazingly helpful for working on helping muscular pain to mental clarity on numerous issues. Her take home breathing exercise has helped my body feel more connected and fluid, as well as provided me the insight into the fact that we need to be active participants in our health and healing. Thank you Jennifer for being so intuitive with your healing work as well as a wonderful teacher. Even at 500 miles, I feel your healing touch.

– Sara

Thank you Jennifer!

My two sons and I have been going to see Jennifer. I have always been impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She intuitively was able to read some issues I was having and help me deal with them. I feel I have been able to take steps forward in my mental and physical health after my visits with her.

– Carey

This works and I’ll continue to come to Be Well BodyMind

I had a very bad cold with a cough for over a week. After getting treated by Jennifer, I immediately felt better and didn’t need to use any more cold medicine which I was taking every 4 hours! I will continue to come to Be Well BodyMind for any health problems that I have in the future. It was relaxing and painless.

– Elena

Jennifer instantly made me feel calm, safe and full of goodness.

I went to Be Well BodyMind with no real expectations and I left there with a strong belief in Jennifer and her healing energy. Jennifer instantly made me feel calm, safe and full of goodness. Her healing hands and energies went to work and I immediately started feeling a shift. I left there with a sense of Peace and Calm that I had so desperately been looking for. Thank you Jennifer!

– Debbie

Don’t ever lose hope!

I am compelled to write about my experience I have recently had with Jennifer. After being on bed rest and ultimately losing a baby half way through my pregnancy, I was left with agonizing nerve pain in my right leg and muscle pain in my right calf. For seven months after losing the baby, I tried everything I could think of to help with the nerve and muscle pain to no avail; vein analysis, blood analysis, acupuncture, physical therapy. Nothing was helping. Finally, I found, Jennifer Dousset. It is like the universe sent her to me, and as soon as she started our session I knew I had found someone special. Her calming touch comforted me, and I immediately had a sense of well-being. I am a true believer that my injury was not just physical but also emotional. Healing was done because BodyTalk addressed mind, body and spirit to allow my leg and calf to be repaired. I am so thankful that Jennifer came into my life, and I would highly recommend her. Thank you, Jennifer, from the bottom of my heart! My whole being thanks you!

– Keri