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Accunect SelfCare® can be done on yourself and your family or with your clients. It supports overall health, wellness, balance and vitality. If you want support in addressing a specific health issue OR want to cultivate general health and well being this routine is a great asset.

Anyone can benefit from the very young to the very old – no previous experience is required:

  • A powerful self-healing technique
  • Balance core energy systems in 3 minutes and energize your day
  • Improve health and maintain wellness for the whole family


It’s a fun, easy, heart-centered course.  It will change how you look at yourself and how you look at health and healing forever.



  • Clear stress and life overwhelm, quickly
  • Increase energy levels and vibrancy
  • Improve sleep
  • Deeper sense of well-being, balance and calm
  • Gain clarity
  • Harmonize, synchronize & boost all body systems
  • Increase natural immune function
  • Improve digestion
  • Help balance emotions
  • Boost all body functions
  • Improve nervous system and brain function
  • Speed up physical, mental & emotional healing
  • Speed up the processing of life’s difficult events



  • Learn the Accunect 8 Principles™ – and how healing happens
  • Attunement to the high vibrational healing frequency of Accunect
  • Balance your brain and nervous system – brings your body out of stress mode and into healing mode, relax your nervous system and gain clarity, focus, and thinking ability
  • Balance your organs, meridians and emotions – giving your system a thorough balance and ‘spring clean’ every day
  • In depth knowledge of the meridian system and organs from a holistic, physical, mental and emotional perspective
  • Connection of the whole body mind system – between our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects – gain an understanding of how they affect each other
  • How to balance your brain and heart connection
  • A quick energy balancing technique for any emergency situation
  • Gain understanding and insight into The Accunect Healing System, what a clinical Accunect session looks like, and how you can learn or experience more.
  • Full color reference manual is included


The balances can be done on yourself, your family, your friends, your pets! Accunect® is Energy Medicine that addresses chronic and acute health problems by re-calibrating the body’s systems that get disrupted due to stress. It’s powerful—simple—amazing—fun!



“My Blood Sugar Level Before: 5.4 and . . . The miracle: 4.5 – This is the result after I did the Accunect SelfCare routine.  I am amazed even speechless . . . Thank you for the SelfCare Training this weekend.”


“Hubby cooking dinner – major pain attack (cos of his spinal cyst). . . did selfcare and pain diminished. . . was able to focus and continue!! Yay for SelfCare!!!”


“. . . had had major bowel surgery last year and not had normal bowel motions since.  Did SelfCare several times . . . had my first normal bowel motion. Yay!!!”



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